Local Inquiry, iPad Style

On our second full day of iPad inquiry, we’re going local. What’s up in the community of Chico that’s interesting enough to conduct an inquiry? Good question. These links may help us figure that out before we head out the door and do some digging ourselves.

Some useful links to places or organizations that may be of interest:

iPad Inquiry

The Northern California Writing Project is hosting a year-long inquiry group focused on using iPads to teach the new Common Core standards in literacy (get the whole standards document, including appendices, in a single PDF file). Approximately 20 teachers, from primary grades through college, will be collaborating, cooperating, playing, testing, reading, thinking, and otherwise engaging in the kinds of work that generally goes along with inquiry. In preparation for our first meeting (here’s the agenda for our first day), I’ve compiled a list of some online resources where people are thinking and writing about the place of iPads in schools. In no particular order:

We’re hopeful that all of the participants, armed with iPads, will get some good composition hacking done in the 2012-13 school year!

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering why we’d need to do this in the first place, this video may have something to do with it: