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While I’d love for this to be a deep, profound reflection on the learning that happened at the 2014 Digital Media and Learning Conference, I think the reality is more that this will be a brief cataloging of resources I picked up that I don’t want to forget. Such is the effect of exhaustion and overwork. A couple of themes ran through the conference, but the most prominent was the presence of Connected Learning principles. In a nutshell, the Connected Learning principles are: interest-driven learning, peer supported learning, academic-oriented teaching, production-centered classrooms, openly-networked teaching and learning, and shared purposes among teachers and learners.

First, a couple of thank-yous are owed. Jayne Marlink, the Executive Director of the California Writing Project, invited to me to attend the conference and covered most of my travel costs; without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to attend. I’m grateful. I also want to publicly thank my colleagues from around the National Writing Project who put up with my company over the course of the conference: local Writing Project site folks Kim Douillard, Joe Dillon, Mia Zamora, Anna Smith, Kevin Hodgson, and Paul Allison, and NWP staffers Christina Cantrill, Paul Oh, and Elyse Eidman-Aadahl. It was so rewarding to have so many people to think with as we HOMAGOed (HOMAGO = hang out, mess around, & geek out).

Now, onto a few things I want to remember. Most of these came from sessions I attended:

There was much more than this, but as I said before, this post is mostly a selfish attempt to help me remember a few key resources that are likely to play into professional development work later this spring and summer with the Northern California Writing Project.

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  1. This is a great set of resources. It’s always a pleasure to hang with Chico in Beantown.

  2. Thanks Peter for the great resource list here! Twinery is fantastic (I will use i this in the Fall in my Electronic Literature class when students are working with hypertext narrative). I am glad you wrote about the Lifelong Kindergarten workshop – I don’t think I was able to get to the the “Build In Progress” group there but the project sounds right up my alley right now. Do you remember who was doing this (any particular contacts @MediaLab?). I would like to follow up on this because I think it might prove very helpful to me in my current work.
    BTW, so great to HOMAGO with you and the rest of the gang!!

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