Make/Hack/Play: Week 1

I’ve enrolled in the P2PU Make/Hack/Play Together course, offered by the talented Karen Fasimpaur (she hand-built her own off-the-grid house in the Arizona desert!). Our task this week was to make something in the real world. Of the many suggestions on offer, one seemed particularly appealing to me: a toy hack. I especially liked the idea of creating a visual pun.

I had already been thinking about using a set of darts as the centerpiece of whatever my make would be for the week, and so I did a sort of mashup of the toy hack and my darts (which, as any respectable darts manufacturer will tell you, are NOT toys!). Here’s what I started with:


This is a set of replica darts that are nearly impossible to throw well, but they’re pretty cool looking.


Here’s the first make. Supplies: old legos, index cards, and sharpies. Can you guess the pun I was going for?


photo-3 My second make. Supplies: sculpey. I’m no sculptor, but I hope you can get at what I was thinking.

Third make. I don’t know why this image won’t rotate for me. Tried editing it on my computer, on my phone, and in WordPress. I’m flummoxed. Supplies: index cards and sharpies. Probably a tough one unless you play video games. 🙂 Oh, ignore the tardis as it has no relation to the make (it’s just the USB hub that sits on my desk at home).

And here they are all together.

This project reminded me of how much fun it is to make things with my hands and to take a shot at simply being creative. I enjoyed spending a couple hours on a Saturday making these little projects.

Oh, and if you’re looking for answers: Make 1: Dodge Dart. Make 2: Dart Frog. Make 3: Dart Feld (from Legend of Dragoon).

4 thoughts on “Make/Hack/Play: Week 1

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  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I need to get some Sculpey. (Wow! Lots of choices…what should I start with?)

    • I usually have some Super Sculpey on hand (just comes in beige), otherwise I just choose the colors I like from the Sculpey III line. Cool stuff!

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