Day Seven: Rubrics!

Keeping it short . . .

Tomorrow we talk about rubrics in the morning, look at some models I’ve used, and then build at least one for one of your writing assignments.  I’d encourage you to break out your assignment sheets as well, so that we can work with a partner or small group to talk about the important criteria for that assignment and the ways that the rubric can be crafted both to guide revision and score the current draft.

I hope once you’ve built a rubric and shared it with others, we can talk about using it with low- or high-stakes assignments, and in either grading-only or response-heavy student writing situations.

Then in the afternoon we have another workshop of your formal writing assignment!

Please let’s start this peer response work with a freewrite:

  • What’s going well in this assignment?  What do you like about it?
  • What concerns do you have at this stage?  Where does it run off track for you?
  • What kinds of feedback do you think you need?  What questions do you have about it that your peers and I can respond to?

Then please break into teams of three and read/respond to each other’s work.  Leave time to discuss your feedback and the revisions you might make!  (Share your formal writing assignment with your team members and me via Google Docs, if you haven’t already done so.)

Late in the afternoon, technology expert and all-around great person Marjorie Shepard will join us to talk about uses of Kaltura in Blackboard Learn.

And I’ll introduce screencasting as one way to respond to student writing. If you’re interested, do check out Kaltura in Blackboard Learn and other screencasting apps like Screencast-o-maticJing (my personal favorite), and even QuickTime Player for ways to do this kind of work.  And if you want to learn more, you can refer to a few articles for more on its effectiveness!  One of the better ones is “I Hear What You’re Saying: The Power of Screencasts in Peer-to-Peer Review” by Allison Smith Walker in the Journal of Writing Analytics, but a brief search also turns up:

We’ll end by playing a bit of catch-up with anything we haven’t had time to discuss and looking forward to our last day.

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