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The Effects of Contracted-for Reward

Three studies support the claim that, explicitly contracting an activity in order to receive a reward has negative effects on creativity. Also, the studies appear to be strong and generalizable across different subject populations, reward types, and creativity tasks. The

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Motivation and creativity: Effects of motivational orientation on creative writers.

This study tested the hypothesis that intrinsic motivation is conductive to creativity and extrinsic motivation is detrimental. 72 young adults who identified themselves as creative writers, were asked to write two poems. Prior to writing the poems, two groups were

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Conversing in Marginal Spaces

This study looks at the effort teachers use to give feedback to their students’ papers and how students receive those comments. What do they gain or not gain from the teacher’s feedback? Calhoon-Dillahunt, Carolyn and Dodie Forrest. Conversing in Marginal

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Annotation 3

In this article, “Effects of Explicit Teaching and Peer Tutoring on the Reading Achievement of Learning-Disabled and Low-Performing Students in Regular Classrooms”, research was conducted to create different learning environments for students with learning disabilities and students merely with low

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Example of Explicit Teaching (Annotation 5)

Baker, Thomas. “Genre Matters in Academic Writing.” IH Journal RSS. N.p., 2010. Web. 22 Mar. 2013. This short article was a specific example of how explicitly teaching genre is helpful. The place under examination is University of Michigan. In this school,

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A Case for Explicit Teaching (Annotation 2)

Williams, Joseph M., and Gregory G. Colomb. “The Case for Explicit Teaching: Why What You Don’t Know Won’t Help You.” JSTOR. N.p., Oct. 1993. Web. 08 Mar. 2013.   I found this article to be particularly interesting because it was actually

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Explicit Teaching of Genres (Annotation 1)

Freedman, Aviva. “Show and Tell? The Role in Explicit Teaching in the Learning of New Genres.” JSTOR. Carleton University, Oct. 1993. Web. 02 Mar. 2013.   In Aviva Freedman’s article, she argues that “explicit teaching is unnecessary, for the most part,

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