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Chico State Back in the Day!

RODBY & FOX, “BASIC WORK AND MATERIAL ACTS” First off your reactions. What were your experiences with writing immediately after high school?  Did you: Take a “Basic Writing” course before transferring to Chico State? Test out of composition/Academic Writing (GE

A “Culture” of Observation

First your time to turn in paper one.  I’m excited to read what you wrote!  After I lead you through sharing the paper with me, I’ll talk a bit about grades in this course and what’s ahead. First upload the


Hi there and welcome to English 431!  I’m glad you’re here. This class is an introduction to mentoring and mentorship.  I think we’ve all had experiences with mentoring or being mentored in some new thing?  Perhaps some family member showed

ePortfolio Voting

For the final we’ll do a few things, neither of which should take more than an hour. First we’ll hear from each of the project groups about what they made.  What was your project?  Where did the idea come from? 

Big ePortfolio Workshop Day

As I promised on Monday, today we’ll be looking at portfolios and offering comments to other people in a portfolio workshop.  The goal is to “read” the portfolio like you would a piece of writing, commenting on “how it works.”

Your e-Portfolios

If you’ve perused the assignment sheet recently, you will have seen that our final assignment is to design and build an e-portfolio of your work in this class. What’s an e-portfolio, you ask? Points you take from these two videos?

Jody Shipka and Multimodality

Jody Shipka’s “A Multimodal Task-Based Framework for Composing” presents a pretty strong argument that teachers of writing have been cutting students off from certain aspects of the writing process. Her discussion of a typical assignment (p. 285) is particularly telling