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Hey! I'm a professor of Rhetoric and Writing in the English dept. at Chico State. Also disc golf player, indie music listener, and vanilla Marxist.

Collaboration and Control

Today our next group leads discussion on Lunsford’s “Collaboration,Control, and the Idea of a Writing Center,” and I don’t really have a clear idea of what they’ll do. (These are always a bit exciting that way–what’ll happen next?) Once we’re

Proofreading and the Elusive Search for “Just Grammar”

Before we jump into the specific arguments made in Can You Proofread This? it might be useful to hear from you all about your experiences so far when you’re working with students. Show of hands: who’s had some experience so

Questions and Predictions

If you take a look at our readings the next few weeks, you’ll see that they’re designed to frontload a number of the ongoing issues and practical challenges that tutors face when working with writing. Things like: To read a

You Know More Than You Think You Do

One of the themes of today (and today’s reading) could be “You Know More Than You Think You Do” about reading in academic contexts. You do! I mean, you’ve been doing reading for academic purposes for years now and for

“Unfamiliar” Writing

Why did Alexis Greiner title her piece “Tutoring in Unfamiliar Subjects” and not something else? After all, there are lots of ways that writing might differ, not just by subject! Today we’ll explore the notion of “unfamiliar” writing. I hope

A “Culture” of Observation

First your time to turn in paper one.  I’m excited to read what you wrote!  After I lead you through sharing the paper with me, I’ll talk a bit about grades in this course and what’s ahead. First upload the

Sommers on Novice and Experienced Writers

One of the things we know most firmly about students is that, left to their own devices, they often don’t revise their writing very much–or only do so when they find an extrinsic (prompting, threatening) or intrinsic (desire, curiosity) motivation.