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Hey! I'm a professor of Rhetoric and Writing in the English dept. at Chico State. Also disc golf player, indie music listener, and vanilla Marxist.

Final Submission of Revised Essays

Hey everyone, here’s the link to submit your final drafts of 431 essays for review. Remember: you’re only submitting work via this form that you’d like me to re-read! And you only want me to re-read if you’ve changed the

Reflecting on Our Work

After reading the title above, you might say, “Hold on a second! It’s still April, and I haven’t turned in both of my Observation Essays yet–much less revised them. How can I possibly start thinking about what I’ve learned when

A Treat! Pt. Deux

Katherine and Savannah will be leading our discussion of Harris and Silva’s Tutoring ESL: Issues and Options today. They’ve got some fun stuff planned, I think, that might take the majority of the class period today. Looking forward to it!

Assimilation and Appropriation

Two things to avoid, right? Perhaps . . . but perhaps NOT! (Cue music from a mystery movie: Dun dun dun!!) No, in true ENGL 431 form there seems to be more nuance to the issue than “things to avoid

Perspectives on Language Diversity

Today we march straight into a debate that’s roiling scholars in composition, rhetoric, and literacy right now: the place of, and support for, diverse or non-“standard” uses of language in student writing. What role should tutors play in enforcing “standard”

Sponsoring Critical Reading and Response

We’re going to do two things today. I’ve carved out some space for us to talk about the end of the semester and what we need to do to get there; then I’d like us to talk about this piece

Chico State Back in the Day!

RODBY & FOX, “BASIC WORK AND MATERIAL ACTS” First off your reactions. What were your experiences with writing immediately after high school?  Did you: Take a “Basic Writing” course before transferring to Chico State? Test out of composition/Academic Writing (GE