A Treat! Pt. Deux

Katherine and Savannah will be leading our discussion of Harris and Silva’s Tutoring ESL: Issues and Options today. They’ve got some fun stuff planned, I think, that might take the majority of the class period today. Looking forward to it!

We’ll be doing something similar with big Post-It paper on Monday as we wrap up our explorations of issues related to tutoring multilingual students. I’ll ask you all to work in groups to put these texts “in conversation with each other,” meaning that we’ll look for places that some of the SIX texts we’ve read:

Agree or disagree with each other. To be specific, I hope each group can zero in on these texts by focusing on ONE of the themes or issues listed below:

  1. Insights into L1 or L2 language learning
  2. Prioritizing concerns in revision plans
  3. The issue of L1-L2 transfer
  4. The role of the tutor as guide or teacher
  5. Cultural differences and their impact on tutoring
  6. Working with “error” and language difference
  7. Communicating with tutees and mentees

As we end our readings for the semester, I’m interested in steering us toward what you feel you’ve learned, what insights are emerging for you, and how you think of yourself as a tutor and mentor now–all of which will be useful for your final reflection! This is one step in that direction so I’m super interested in what connections you’ll make here.


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