ePortfolio Voting

For the final we’ll do a few things, neither of which should take more than an hour.

First we’ll hear from each of the project groups about what they made.  What was your project?  Where did the idea come from?  What do you think it accomplishes, shows, helps us understand?

Then we’ll break into groups and view each other’s portfolios.  Look them over, get a sense of what’s in them and how the portfolio represents the work of the writer!

But also pay attention to the ones you think should win prizes.  Here are the categories you all decided on during our last day of class:

  1. Best Narrative Voice
  2. Most Creative/Best Artistic or Aesthetic Choices
  3. Easiest to Navigate
  4. Clearly an Overachiever
  5. Most Unfiltered/Rawest in a good way/”First Album”-type

And who should win our wild card?

Then follow this link and enter the names of the people who designed your favorites!


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