Final Project Choices

Hey everyone, short post today.  Today we turn in Deep Dive papers and turn attention to our final project(s), your portfolio and a more “front-facing” and public text about tutoring and mentoring.

First, please share your paper with me, if you haven’t done so already, and update the author’s note that you left at the top.  The three questions you answer (now written to me) are:

  1. What do you think is going well in your paper so far?  What do you like?
  2. What is not going so well, or where did the paper run off track?
  3. What kinds of questions do you have at this point about the paper or your argument?

As before, I’ll read these in the next week and get them back to you with comments you can use to revise.

Now on to a continued conversation about our work ahead.  We have a little over a month to:

  • Build a portfolio of your work in which you reflect on the development of your understanding about tutoring and mentoring writing, presenting your work as evidence of that development
  • Collaborate (or not) on a public, “front-facing” document or text of any kind in which you present an idea about writing to an audience who could learn from you

Let’s talk about the second one first.

Our conversations so far have resulted in some options.  As you can see from the picture above, we’ve begun to talk about options for taking our work to date into a new form, a process lots of people call “remix” or “remediate.”  As with all writing, the choice you make should be based on your communicative purpose, your incipient expertise, and your knowledge of (or willingness to explore) a genre in which to communicate and a particular audience to communicate to.

Soooo . . .

Many ideas have come forward.

Let’s start then by writing for five minutes about your tentative ideas.  What interests you most in our discussions so far?  What kinds of things might you enjoy working on?


If I set the end of class as a deadline, can you organize yourselves into teams and write a brief proposal to me that would cover these elements:

  1. What genre or kind of text you want to build
  2. For what purpose, to communicate what knowledge or perspective about (mentoring/tutoring) writing in college
  3. To what audience, and why
  4. Who’s on your team, and what’s your plan for work equity

Could we do that?  Turn into me by email and I will respond by Monday.



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