Month: March 2018

“Mutt Genres” and Mentoring/Tutoring

First thing we’ll do today is sit in our internship groups.  With the help of special guests Allie Clark (ESLRC) and Kim Jaxon (Jumbo workshops), we’ll have a quick discussion about ways you can be useful to students in the

Second Day of NWWK

Today we’ll be getting back into the swing of things, with our second day of jigsaw teaching (jigsaw learning?) NWWK: Naming What We Know. As a reminder, here’s what I said last time.  Our process for this book was: First get

Jigsaw Teaching What We Know

If the last few classes were focused on Bad Ideas in teaching writing, this week is on . . . good ideas? Naming What We Know seems like another necessary counterpoint to culturally very commonly-held beliefs and values surrounding writing

The “Insider Knowledge” of Student Writers

One of the things I like about Nelson’s “Reading Classrooms as Text” is the focus she places on being in a class as an act of interpretation: how students interpret (or “read”) the classroom in more or less accurate and

“Formulaic Writing”

First we’ll respond to each other’s blogs. Now, let’s talk about the reading, Wiley’s “The Popularity of Formulaic Writing…”, another button-pushing article taking on a controversy in our work! First, please break out a piece of paper or your laptop for