Month: November 2012


  Something that I am many other students do is, “focus almost exclusively on correctness rather than making meaning based changes.”  I will do exactly what Sommers explains is that we tend to, ” focus on correct form to a degree that interfered with


  I had the opportunity to lead my ENGL 130 workshop on my own last week (the mentor was out of state for the holiday) and I focused on revision during the entire class. Throughout the semester, I noticed that


I related to the issues that students had with revision, mainly that until the past 3 years I’ve always viewed revision as punishment. I did it because a teacher told I had to. The first time I had Judith Rodby

Revisions: Policy

Hey everyone– For the rest of the semester, you all have the opportunity to make revisions to your Big Project. In order to make sure I see and give credit to the changes you make, please do the following: Highlight

Nov 29!

Why is it not December yet? Three big things today: Considering revision: ours, others Revising our big projects Starting work on the final collaborative thing Nov 29 Coolest Writing Process Video Evah (and check out the comments at Boing Boing)

Final Reminders

About your “Big Projects”…. Remember that whatever form they take, I’m expecting some serious writing that makes the moves we all associate with research, inquiry, and argument.  If you’re still having trouble “figuring out” what I want for this essay

Nov 15

Nov 15