Day: October 15, 2012

"Tutors as Teachers" and Whether or Not That's a Good Thing.

This is an interesting piece, because it comes from a point of view thats contrary to what most of us probably feel. While the author is not the biggest fan of ESL writing tutors, he presents some good points about ESL/EFL teaching

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The "Proofreading Trap"

This piece talks about ways to be more productive when working on writing with an ESL tutee, and ways to avoid proofreading that will hender the tutoring process on both ends. It argues that we should move beyond sentence level

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Sociological Writing as Higher-level Thinking I read a rather interesting article called Sociological Writing as Higher-level Thinking: Assignments That Cultivate the Sociological Imagination by Rebekah Peeples Massengill in the hopes of connecting this assignment of researching writing to sociology (my other major)- at this point I’m still

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